SMS Service

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Event SMS

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  • Event Notification/News SMS
  • Student IN/OUT SMS
  • Absent SMS
  • Late Comer SMS
  • Tuition Fee Payment Confirmation SMS
  • Result Review SMS
  • Password Recovery SMS
  • Lesson Plan (when any student make comment about lesson respective teacher will get notify via SMS)
  • Seat Plan
  • Admission Payment Confirmation SMS

Push-Pull SMS/Information Query SMS

SLName/TitleSMS Format
01SMS ResultTS UID
02SMS Result Rank[For current term]TS UID R
03SMS Result Rank [For specific terminal result]TS UID R [Term]  
04Daily AttendanceTS UID A
05Regular NoticeTS UID N
06Regular Notice [mention notice no]TS UID N
07Study Tips TS UID ST
08Exam RoutineTS UID ER
09Class RoutineTS UID CR
10Tuition FeeTS UID TF
11Sick LeaveTS UID SL
12Admission ResultTS PIN ATR
13Seat PlanTS PIN SP

1. SMS Result
Through this SMS Service user can get every terminal result.SMS Service

2. SMS Result Rank [For current term]
Through this SMS Service user can get every current terminal result rank.

3. SMS Result Rank [For specific terminal result]
Through this SMS Service user can get terminal result rank (Here, need to mention terminal means which terminal result rank user wants).

4.Daily Attendance
Every day's class attendance timing will provide via this SMS (Today's timing attendance).

5. Regular Notice
If user have any query about regular school notice,this SMS service is available for them.(Regular notice will be delivered)

6. Regular Notice [Need to mention Notice no]
When user expects specific notice they can use this SMS service.( In a single day or previous days consideration there can be available more notice, so in this term user need to mention notice no. user's mentioned notice no will be delivered in this SMS service ).

7. Study Tips
If any student need study tips through this SMS they can get tips(Randomly selected tips)

8.Exam Routine
Exam Routine will deliver by this SMS (Today's exam routine) .

9. Class Routine
SMS ServiceThrough this SMS Service student can get every day's class routine(Today's class routine).

10. Tuition Fee
Tuition fee payment confirmation SMS can be delivered through this one(Current month tuition fee).

11. Sick Leave
When any student wants to take leave for sickness they can use this service (Auto Sick information about respective student's will be submitted to admin and notification will be delivered).

12. Admission Result
Admission Result will be delivered through this one if anyone have query(Admission Test Result).

13. Seat Plan
If user needs seat plan information through this SMS service they can get info (Admission test seat paln).

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