Why do we need a school website ??

  • Increasing Involvement of parents
  • It can provide information about your school for existing pupils and parents as well as potential ones
  • How often do children lose letters? If they are published on the website they can be accessed at any time
  • You can publish the information from once place - on the web
  • Documents on a website provide easy access for governors without them having mountains of paper
  • It can provide a channel of communication to the school, particularly for parents
  • A feedback page enables parents to contact you without having to telephone and find you are not in! Ideal for non-urgent opinion sharing.
  • It can be a showcase for pupils work
  • Children's work can have a national and international audience
  • It shows that your school is up-to-date in its thinking
  • Many parents make expect to make their first investigation into a school via a website especially if they are moving to a new area
  • It is possible to make online document submission such admission form submitting and fee collecting.
  • It could be a vital zone to collect admission information and other related documents.

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